Hold on a sec can we talk real quick about how on the same day their album drops One Direction will be

  • airing their Sesame Street episode
  • performing live for a crowd of thousands of fans at a major family resort attraction
  • performing live on a nationally broadcast television show most popular with adults ages 21-45

like can we talk about the fucking nail-on-the-head cross-generational promo will they be stopping by a nursing home after the performance

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all these rumours huh? you guys Crack me up

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when you try your best but you don’t succeed

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Parade Magazine USA - November 1, 2012
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It could honestly be anything. Maybe something fell on the floor?



i can’t believe i was this misunderstood! image

something fell 


they both have weak left knees - of course


louis saw a soccer ball and harry saw a banana 


a gust of wind pushed thier arms back and forth!


pesky left knee giving way again or same gust of air pushing them the same direction?


a rat scurried on the floor


there’s that wind again man what an interesting phenomena


anon i am honestly at a loss here - did they lose their balance and swing their arms to attempt not falling because of the wind and their left knee again?image

there’s a ton more of these same situations that i have to be educated on because clearly i’m the one that’s reaching

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@niallhoran: This is what ya call ‘cabin fever’ , this is what happens when you are in a hotel all day without fresh air ! Hahahahahah Liam has gone mental !

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Larry Stylinson + Famous Quotes

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