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every morning when I wake up I’m like

did the album leak?
is someone gay?
what does that tweet mean?
did I miss important photos?
what happened on stage?

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Awesomeness of One Direction’s B stage

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Marv and Niall omg!

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1D + tumblr (insp.)

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ziall in vegas

i would kill to party with them

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im laughing so hard and imagining zayn getting the call that he needs to pick niall up and 5 in the morning and cursing before dragging himself out of bed with his glasses, making his way down the strip to the fucking nightclub, before dragging niall’s drunk ass back outside, then taking care of niall in the car and up to the hotel room while niall screams “BEST FRIENDS IN T WORLD! BEST BAND IN T WORLD!”

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So 2 years today from the infamous bullshits tweet, Louis is MIA.

Menwhile Harry tweets these lyrics from this song

tweets this:


tweets this

and post on Instagram this


with the caption “Strong”

I’m not saying these are related, BUT….


the song “Follow your arrow” by kacey musgraves has the lyrics

"Make lots of noise
And kiss lots of boys
Or kiss lots of girls
If that’s something you’re into”

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