So they are married… - x

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Harry - Looks like a god, as usual.

Liam - Stop that eyebrow, its adorable. 

Zayn - We see you grooving it up back there mate.

Louis - Fringe, you don’t look tough, just cuddly. 

Niall - Tan, new hair, did he hit puberty again?

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Niall at Ceiliúradh 10.04.14

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#sometimes i think harry is actually an android  #who thinks all humans are just fucking fantastic  #he loves to listen to their heartbeats  #and touch their warm skin  #smiling as he realizes it’s not a battery that makes it like that  #it’s a pumping heart and blood and humans are just so interesting  #and he wants to meet all of them  #and touch them and make them smile  #and ask them where they were born  #and what their childhood was like  #because he thinks having a childhood would be the best  #and he’s not even bitter or jealous  #because humans don’t see what the big deal is  #but he does  #and he would never want to lose that { masturfates }

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@Harry_Styles: Thank you for everything the last 4 years.. Couldn’t be more amazed by what you’ve done for us. H .xx

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